Domestic & Commercial RO Filter Plant

Brief Description

Domestic & Commercial RO Water Purifier

The Reverse Osmosis process, also known as hyper filtration, is the first filtration process known till date. The process ensures the removal of particles as small asions form a solution. Reverse Osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane to remove salts form portable/ brackish water. In reverse Osmosis, water pressure applied to the concentrated side forces the process of osmosis into reverse. Under enough pressure, pure water is "Squeezed" through the membrane from the concreted side to the dilute side. Salts dissolve in water as charged ion are repelled by the RO membrane. The rejected Impurities on the concentrated side of the membrane are washed away in stream of waste water and are not accumulated as on a traditional filter.

Our reverse osmosis plant uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) process to purify water & make it worth for use. RO process effectively removes minerals salt & contaminants such as bacteria & pesticides. Reverse osmosis also known as hyper filtration, is used by commercial & industrial brackish water & seawater RO system to purify water. Our RO plant is highly capable of filtering bacteria, sugars, protein, particles, dyes and other constituents.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis 100 GPD/380 LPD is a compact RO System and comes with triple 20” pre-filters (Sediment, Activated Carbon, and Carbon Block) to provide better pre-filtration which prevents the Reverse Osmosis Membrane from fouling. This R/O system also includes an activated coconut shell post-filter to improve taste, odor, and clarity of the permeate water produced.

This Advanced Reverse Osmosis system has been designed to accommodate tougher water conditions, featuring high-quality components, free standing. space saving design to allow for many optional features and upgrades to suit most Water Purification Applications.

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