Domestic Water Treatment Plant

Domestic Water Treatment Plant

Filter system is designed for the removal of iron and manganese from water. These filters oxidize ferrous iron to turn in into an insoluble ferric particle (rust), & then trap it in the filter media. Getting water contaminated with various forms of algae, metallic substance smelling earthy , fishy are the common problems found in the water of Kathmandu valley it happens with the heavy presence of iron. we can help you from these all problems with our sand & carbon filtration plant which can be used directly in all kinds of household and commercial purpose. There has been a rapid increase in the process of using well & boring water for drinking purpose.

Though well water is used for drinking in most of the terai areas due to the variation in geographical condition, it is not suitable for using well water for drinkable purpose as it leads towards the deterioration of human health.

The harmful and contagious chemical found in the underground water has made it difficult for the human in its use.

Nepal solar & water purifier has been providing a trustworthy and affordable services since long time by implementing the techniques related to the filtration of water and making it worthwhile for drinking purpose. The company has promoted authentic and reliable filtration services with the low initial installation charge. We assure our customer the best possible service from our side.  

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